Company portrait

The Engineering office Autotec GmbH Jena was founded at the beginning of 1990 as a self-contained and independent company without the involvement of external shareholders by local engineers. The goal of the company was and is to achieve close and effective customer care in the field of engineering technology.

Our staff members have a long working relationship in the very extensive field of technology, project planning and development. The long-standing collaboration has formed a solid team, in which expert knowledge and areas of responsibility have been well coordinated with each other.

The link of well-grounded knowledge, high technical involvement and state of the art work equipment places us into the position to offer you fully developed solutions.

The company has grown with its challenges to a high-capacity and esteemed business partner with 7 to 8 members on its staff.

We are members of TÜV Thuringia and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Thuringia in Gera.

Highly trained employees implement efficient and cost-effective solutions at short notice with the assistance of the latest computer technology.


Gunther Lorenz - CEO