Performance Profile Electricity Supply

In our performance domain Electricity Supply we offer you the project planning of all required parts for the electricity supply of a project.

Our service includes the following scope of works:

  1. Basic Evaluation
    Determining the requirement for solving the technical assignment

  2. Preliminary Planning (Project- and planning preparation)                    Developing the essential parts for solving the planning assignment

  3. Design Engineering (System- and integration planning)                    Development of the final solution of the planning assignment

  4. Permission Planning
    Developing of draft for the required permissions

  5. Construction Planning
    Developing and displaying the ready for construction planning solution

  6. Preparation of awarding of contract
    Ascertaining of quantities and compiling bill of quantities

  7. Assistance in awarding of contract
    Checking of quotations and assistance in awarding of contracts

  8. Project Supervision (Site supervision alternatively professional site management)
    Monitoring of property construction

  9. Project Supervision and Documentation
    Monitoring the remedy of defects and documentation of actual result

The offered services can include the following elements:

  • Medium voltage switch gears
  • Medium voltage power lines
  • Transformer stations and compact systems
  • Switchgears with outsourced transformers
  • Low voltage switch gears
  • Low voltage cable- and distribution boards (Short circuit calculations)
  • Emergency power- and transformer systems
  • Earthing systems
  • Street lighting
  • Information technology systems (Control technology)

The type of projects ranges across the complete spectrum of energy consumers.

Our experiences and skills cover a broad field.

  • Medium voltage power lines from the distribution station up to the transformer station
  • Industrial- and customer power lines at Medium voltage range
  • Project planning of transformer stations
  • Medium voltage utility services of industrial- and commercial areas
  • Low voltage power supply to residential- and commercial areas

The regulations and basic requirements of the Power Supply Companies are strictly adhered to. The clients were informed about the rules applying to them.
Up to now acceptable solutions were found for our clients for even the most challenging supply issues.